How to Hide Private Files or Photos on Android

How to Hide Private Files or Photos on Android

Hide Private File
With the revolution of the smartphones, digital cameras have evolved tremendously as well. Obviously, professional players still use high-class cameras but casual people just whip their smartphones out and take a photograph to capture the moment. Of course, the privacy factor has taken a lot seriously in smartphones and it is much easier to hide the photos or any other files on the Android so that no one else can see what's inside your cell phone. 

One reason why you should hide private photos and files on Android is because most people who borrow your phone open up the Gallery in first glance and anything you store in the phone is saved in the Gallery folder. That's why to secure the privacy of your data, you must hide the private photos and files.

If you are using a Samsung or LG smartphone then hiding the photos couldn't be easier with the in-built privacy feature provided by these two companies. On Samsung smartphones, simply open the Gallery folder and long-tap on the photo that you wish to hide. Now, keep selecting the photos and on the top right corner of the screen, tap the "More" buttons followed by "Move to Private" option. Then, you will need to go to Settings > Privacy and Safety and enable the Private Mode. This step must be done or else the photos won't be hidden automatically. Please note, if you are doing it for the first time then you may need to enter the phone PIN or password to enable the option.

And when you wish to see those photos again, simply turn off the private mode. People won't even know that your phone has this feature and won't be able to see the private photos stored in the Gallery. On the other hand, if you are using LG smartphones then the procedure is a little distinct than Samsung phone. On LG smartphones, head over to Settings > Fingerprints and Security followed by Content Lock. Again, your phone may verify your identity by asking you the PIN or password.

Now, go to Gallery, choose photos and files you want to hide, tap on the Menu section and choose the "Lock" option. When you want to view these files, again, tap on Menu and choose the "Show Locked Files" option. That's all you need to do in order to hide or unhide the photos or files on LG phones. If you don't have Samsung or LG smartphone, then a third-party app needs to be installed in order to lock the photos and other personal data on your phone. 
Do not worry; there are plenty of free apps available on Google Play Store which can accomplish this task effortlessly.

One of the free apps that can password-lock the Android's Gallery is Gallery Lock Lite. This is a pretty amazing photos and files hiding tool which has been featured in Play Store many times. Basically, this app enables the password-lock feature which attempts to ask the pass code every time anyone opens the Gallery folder. This app is very easy to use. Just install the app and setup a password for your Gallery. Next time, whenever someone access the Gallery has to input the right password in order to get access to the folder.

One of the shortcut to open the app is by just dialing "3333" on your phone. However, the quantity of photos that can be locked with this app is limited, but you can uplift this limit by just paying a dollar to the app developer.  Also, you will be able to lock other file types as well like documents, WhatsApp, Facebook, social media apps, KiK messenger, Dropbox and so on. So to put your life in ease, you can now lend the smartphone to any friends or family members without thinking what they are doing with your phone. By just applying few tweaks in your phone, you can hide all photos and files in your phone.

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