Trans Union Credit Reporting For Redress

Trans Union Credit Reporting For Redress

Trans union credit reporting agency was founded in 1968. In the year 2009, Trans union credit reporting agency could boast of maintaining credit histories of about 500 million consumers in the world over. This information is in line with what's on their web site. No doubt, credit histories can help people shape their credit score. It will greatly matter if you want to be approved for a loan, secure a job, housing rental or auto purchase. Should you have an issue with Trans union credit reporting, maybe due to an error in the accuracy of information, you will need to file a dispute with TransUnion. If doing this does not solve the problem, you can attach a consumer statement to your Trans union credit reporting, and explain in clear terms what you are disputing. I will get you through the details in this article.

Make sure you get a copy of what you have in the Trans union credit reporting and figure out the negative items reported in error. In line with the federal law, Trans union credit reporting agency is required to furnish you with a copy of your credit report every year. So, make sure you obtain your credit report. Do not forget to obtain your TransUnion file number, your current address, Social Security Number and also your date of birth. The company name and the account number of the disputed item are equally important. Once you have all the details above, you can then submit your dispute online or by phone. You may call (800) 916 8800 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (800) 916 8800 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

Never leave them to it. Make sure you always check the status of your dispute. You can permit up to forty five days before you hear from Trans Union. In as much as you have had your Trans union credit reporting complain filed, the company that reported the negative item has up to 45 days to reply to TransUnion's inquiry. You should expect to receive a notification by e mail or in writing from TransUnion which will decide whether or not the item of the dispute would be removed from your credit report. As I mentioned earlier, you need to submit a consumer statement. This document should be about 100 words. It should contain why you feel an item appearing on your credit score is negative. You may choose to call the company or send this by mail. 

I will, however, need to tell you to remove your consumer statement whenever you want to. Do not forget that except you make a request to take it off, your statement will appear on your credit report for a long time to come. Do not take it for granted if you find something negative in your credit report, which you do not understand. It could be worse than you might think! I would advise you take it up seriously, with a view to clarifying all grey areas. You will not want to have a negative credit score, when it is as a result of negligence, error in computing and others. You know what a bad credit score means, don't you? I am sure you will not want to suffer for a crime you are not guilty of. So, act fast as you follow the above procedure to seek redress!

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