Made In China 2025

Made In China 2025

Premier Li keqiang has chaired a state council executive meeting, the deployment of accelerating the implementation of the "made in China 2025" to achieve the manufacturing industry upgrading. The conference stressed that it must conform to the development trend of the "Internet +", with the concept of informatization and industrialization depth fusion, focus on developing a new generation of information technology, high-end CNC machine tools and AI, part instrumentality, Marine engineering instrumentality and technology, advanced shipping rail transportation instrumentality, energy saving and new energy vehicles, power equipment, new materials, biological medicine and high-performance medical apparatus and instruments, agricultural machinery and equipment 10 areas. The meeting also decided to launch Chinese manufacturing key areas to upgrade direction guide green book catalogue, dynamic adjustment, rolling forward.

Industry experts generally believe that the state council executive meeting to articulate conform to the trend of the development of the "Internet +", indicating to the 10 key development areas, means "made in China 2025" is expected to introduce "Internet +" as a key development train of thought, and specific implementation roadmap has had basic shape.

Highlight both accords with the trend of the "Internet +"
The conference pointed out that our country is in the process of accelerating the industrialization, and the manufacturing industry is the basis and important pillar of the national economy. Accelerating the implementation of the "made in China 2025", to conform to the trend of the development of the "Internet +", the fusion of informatization and industrialization depth. Industry experts said that "Internet +" and the Internet industry is one of the focuses of a new round of industrial revolution and industrial revolution development, Internet industry has great development potential, in reality there are a lot of enterprise also noticed that the use of the Internet technology to improve the overall competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, marked by the Internet information technology, it will play a crucial role in the process of China's manufacturing industry upgrading.

Path: the key developing 10 field
The executive meeting also made clear that "made in China" 2025 will focus on developing a new generation of information technology, high-end CNC machine tools and robots, and other areas of the top 10, strengthen industrial base ability, improve the technological level and product quality, promote the intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing. At present, China's manufacturing industry is in the industrial chain from low-end to high-end "climbing" stage of transformation and upgrading, unprecedented challenges and opportunities existing at the same time, especially for the currently hot discussed China's excess capacity of seamless steel pipe and erw steel pipe market, it's quite a good chance to digest the inventory.

The experts said that China's manufacturing sector once appears "take off from the real to virtual" dangerous tendency, capital free elements, brain drain, transfer, such problems as low benefit; And in the process of a new round of global industrial restructuring, China's manufacturing industry also faces competition from Europe and the United States developed countries pressure. At present, Europe and the United States and other developed countries have launched national strategy and plans to revitalise the manufacturing industry.

Such as, the "industrialization", "manufacturing Renaissance", "advanced manufacturing partnership” for the United States, " 4.0 industry" of German, "Reviving" of Japan and so on.

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